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Custom and Professional Website Design & Maintenance

Based in Chicago, but with offices all over the country, Chicago Web Art is enriched with a talented team

who are really creative.

Entrust your business's face to us

Our Chicago Web Design Company specialize in all facets of professional and custom website design as well as website maintenance, from scratch to designing and development to flash design, graphics, logos and their logistics. Moreover, we promise to build your website uniquely and organically, tailored to your specific requirements and of course, from the ground up. In addition, upon delivery, Chicago Web Art Designs Company hands over all of your website functionality and maintenance issues to boot which is a turn-key of a truly custom website.
When it is about being the best in the business then you require a competent online presence. Something that would set you apart from your competitors and help you shine. You may be doing everything right physically but an incomplete online setting can pull you back. Hence, making you unable to make the most of the online world. So, for ambitious companies and individuals that want to accomplish resounding success on all fronts, a quality website is a must. A website that would show everything that you are, everything you possess and everything that you want to be. It will contain a supreme blend of content and visuals that would glue the audience and want them to discover more.
Only a web design company like ours knows where to start and when to finish. Apart from designing a dedicated and tailored website, we would also maintain it for any future additions. But, one thing is for sure that we would do everything according to your requirements. We would keep you in the loop because it is your website and you know better than anyone else as what exactly does your customer require.
Whether it an online shop, a portfolio, information related website, blog or any other type of website, our Chicago web design company would have no issues in completing the job. It would give the best website experience to you and your customers so that you get your money worth. And when it is all done, you and your clients would enjoy the most exquisite features of a custom-made website.

  • Orbit

  • $199

  • 1 page website

    self upload your logo

    self update your text & pictures

    self update SEO

    anti-spam contact form

  • Space

  • $599

  • 6 page website
    (unlim sub pages)

    we add your logo

    self update your text & pictures

    self update SEO

    anti-spam contact form

    google analytics integration

  • Universe

  • $799

  • 10 page website
    (unlim sub pages)

    unique logo

    unique content

    SEO services
    1 month

    anti-spam contact form<

    google analytics integration

    pay-per-click management


Graphic Design, Unique Logos & Corporate Identity