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Do you know about the number of pages in search index?

Do you know about the number of pages in search index?

Do you know about the number of pages in search index?

Once you make your own website you should always think to make the web pages more and more so that the chances of traffic landing on your website will be high. You never know which page can be a lottery ticket for you and will be able to attract traffic that you deserve. There is always some amount of pages that do well while others may not able to attract the traffic for you. Even once you look forward you will find that the traffic on some pages is even zero too. So, don’t be amazed it is an issue faced by all website owners.

How you make out the number of pages that you have in your search index?

Firstly, you need to know that there is no such thing called as a search index that you need to keep. As the traffic directed to your website will not look for the same. You should know the fact that every search engine has its own search index to have for example Google has its own and similarly Bing too. So, if you are in the United States then you need to worry about the search index that is used frequently out there.

If you search for the tools in Bing and Google. You will find that the same tool if searched any one of those generate different results like the command names site. If you attach the same with any web page you attach with. You can attach site with your domain name and for some, it will work fine while at some instance you will feel the weirdness of the same.

Each search engine has their own webmaster tools which will be of great help to you. So use the webmaster tools of the search engine to avoid any kind of inaccuracies for you. If you are targeting Google and Bing then they will let you know that how many pages are there in the index and which is causing trouble with them too.

Different users have different theories. Although the user’s experiences are quite mixed. Some say that Bing is just repeating the counts of the pages that are paid visits, while others say that Bing simply stops the crawling process once they found just 1% error on their web pages.  But while giving the reviews the real reason is not known by those as for why did these things are going on.  But one thing is clear yes; people do give importance to a number of people visiting them.

The Bing and Google can have errors on their tools too. But you need to take care of the fact where you are facing an issue. As most of the users just keep lingering around the number of pages that are being indexed with your website. Be a part of the solution. The Bing and Google can be of great help to you. You just need to take care the guidelines they have it in their webmaster tools for you. So do make use of the smallest hint to make your website yield number of pages in the index.

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