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Optimization of the Post-Penguin Era: A detailed overview

Optimization of the Post-Penguin Era: A detailed overview

Optimization of the Post-Penguin Era: A detailed overview

Link building is always considered as one of the most important techniques in Search Engine Optimisation, but often links is spammed which doesn’t help in relevant keywords for SERPs rank. The Penguin update questioned the assessing of link quality, and it gave birth to the ‘Penguin Era’ which demanded intelligent and appropriate link usage.

The new ear of link building is on the boat and it is important for all related to this know about it in a detailed version.

The Latest Penguin Update

In the Penguin 4.0 released by Google in 2016 was an end cap to the regular, iterative Penguin updates.

Previously Penguin was a separate algorithm which worked with Google’s Core and data refreshes wasn’t constant or effective at all times. Rankings used to drop if the link was old and they didn’t recover if the update wasn’t done. But as now the new updates are synced automatically the impact will be soon felt.

Penguin 4.0 also toggled with penalties where the full penalty received before is now changed to a penalty of the specific page, but still, full penalties can be given.

How to Build Post-Penguin Links

Links are very important in creating authority, and these steps will show the right way to create links.

  • Take “Natural Links” into consideration: The link quality will be assessed to determine your rank and to avoid penalization the best way is to build ‘natural’ links. The link provided should look like it has been given just to pass authority to your site. A natural link has to have a certain value to the user. E.g. — A site about tires should have links relevant to tire reviews or tips on them.
  • Focus on the qualitative content as an anchor: Rather than spamming links, it is better to focus on the quality of content. The content should be the most prioritized item. It is best to post publisher friendly contents on these sources. The best way is to establish guest posting profiles on offsite sources and contributing contents that the publishers and readers will enjoy alike. The link will be natural and fit well if the content is apt and of good quality. A well-written content brings traffic and reputation to one’s site.
  • Keep track of your rankings on weekly basis (for the least): The constant refresh in monitoring backlinks in Penguin 4.0 means that ranks aren’t constant. So, it is advisable that one keeps an eye on their rankings checking at least on a weekly basis. Keeping check allows you to get rid of the problem links that you may have included.

Is There a Future for Penguin?

It is unlikely of Google to invest on Penguin as it is rolling out new apps and to add ways to enhance third party sites by adding user reviews and ratings. They are also introducing new apps in search results. But still, Google may incorporate new updates regarding the penguin app in the future.

Using well-evaluated links and sticking to penguin’s standard is the best way to improve one’s site rankings.

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